Jan van der Wal

Account manager

Jan van der Wal, aged 63, married to Thea and I am the proud father of two sons, two daughters-in-law and four grandchildren. In 1980 I completed my training as a butcher-entrepreneur, followed by Artra Broadcast Employee in 2003 and Nima Sales in 2006.

Over the years I have worked at various companies. For example, I owned a butcher’s shop and worked at various employment agencies. I have been working in the role of account manager since 1997 and I really enjoy it. In 2023, Progress Uitzendbureau B.V. merged and renamed Upforce. In 2024 I will celebrate my 20th anniversary at the club.

There are plenty of opportunities to grow within Upforce, you just have to seize them.

Courage to innovate

Upforce is an organization with a horizontal structure, a team that is well attuned to each other, strives for growth and has the courage to innovate. Within the world of Upforce, candidates and clients can focus on what really matters.

There is a cozy and familiar atmosphere where both migrant workers, looking for work and a place to sleep, and the so-called second generation of migrant workers, who have settled in the Netherlands and have their own transport, can feel at home and enjoy a warm environment.

There are plenty of opportunities to grow within Upforce, you just have to seize them. We form a real family that supports and strengthens each other, with the ultimate goal of becoming better together.

The employment agency of the Netherlands

I have a great time at Upforce. Together with my colleagues in the Venlo, Eindhoven and Oudewater branches, we are committed to putting Upforce on the map as the employment agency in the Netherlands. Our team consists of people with diverse backgrounds, including Poland, Romania, Limburg, Brabant and Gelderland. It is wonderful to see how these different cultures work together harmoniously.

I see Upforce as a thriving, young organization with a focus on people. I hope to continue to be part of this dynamic environment in good health for a long time to come. It keeps me energetic and young at heart.

Would you also like to be part of Upforce?

Come work at one of the nicest employment agencies in the Netherlands, just like Jan.


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