Take yourself to new heights and continue to grow

Do you want to take yourself to new career heights? Then improving your interview skills is a good step. A compelling resume is the key to that positive first impression. Learn how to present your work experience, skills and achievements in a compelling way. But that’s just the beginning. Preparing for a job interview is just as crucial. Find out how to present yourself, demonstrate your knowledge of the company, and tailor your answers to the position. A well-prepared applicant exudes self-confidence. Dive into the tips and tricks to get that dream job within reach.

What does a good resume look like?

Do you also want to create a resume that impresses the company where you want to apply? Read here what a good resume should meet.

Write the perfect motivation letter

What should your motivation letter say, how long should it be and what things should you not mention? All the important things to write a good motivation letter can be found here.

Prepare for the application process

Here you will find valuable insights and practical tips to help you through the different stages of the application process.

Even more useful tips

Applying for a job goes beyond just a resume and motivation letter. It’s also about the art of presenting yourself on all fronts. Think about your online presence – is your social media clean and professional? Don’t forget the impact of your choice of clothing, because a first impression is often visual. Dive into the company you are applying to; show that you understand their vision, values and goals. It’s about creating a total package that convinces the company that you are the perfect match.

Be aware of what can be found online about yourself. This can be both positive and negative. To a large extent you have influence on this yourself and it is important to profile yourself positively and professionally online.

Search yourself

It’s not a bad idea at all to look yourself up. Enter your own name into Google and see what you can find about yourself. Do you see profiles or images that you are not aware of? Please contact the owner of the relevant page.

Update your Social Media

Social media has become indispensable in today’s society. Know that your potential employer can easily look you up and will probably do so. So you have control over what your profile(s) look like. For professionals, LinkedIn is the most important profile to have. So you can ensure that your LinkedIn profile is up to date and has a professional appearance.

Your Facebook, Instagram or other profiles are generally less relevant to employees, but you should assume that an employer will seek you out on these platforms too. So for these profiles you also have to ask yourself whether the images and/or videos here can be visible to everyone. The following matters are important for LinkedIn:

  • Make sure you have an up to date profile photo that clearly shows your face with a positive appearance.
  • Make your profile up to date by adding your jobs, education(s) and certificates.
  • Write a short introduction or summary about yourself so that people see who you are and what you stand for.

It is always wise to dress neatly when applying for a job. Look up the company to assess what kind of clothing is appropriate. This way you can estimate whether you should appear in a three-piece suit or just a nice blouse. Be yourself in this and don’t wear something you would otherwise never wear. If this is the case, you should ask yourself whether the company you are applying for is right for you.

Practice makes perfect. This is also the case with a job interview. Even if you are a good speaker, it can be useful to practice interviewing with friends or family. Consider the possible questions an employer can ask you. This way you can think in advance about possible answers you can give.

Where do you want to be in 5 years? What are your ambitions and why do you think you fit within our team? These are all standard questions that often arise in a job interview. So think in advance what you are going to answer to this. This makes you appear confident and makes you appear better to your potential employer.

In addition to having a job that you enjoy, it is also important to see what you will earn. People often find this difficult to ask and leave it up to the employer. Here too, you can prepare yourself by researching which salary indication suits the job you are applying for.

In addition, you are in a stronger position if you already have some experience with the work you have to perform or if you have completed a training course that matches the vacancy. This allows you to ask more than the average during your job interview.

Want to know more about how to apply?

We are happy to help you with even more practical information about how to present yourself well.


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