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We are not just another workforce.

In other words: we are different from other organisations in the temporary employment sector. Because we focus on personal relationships with both customers and temporary workers, we endeavour to find the perfect match. We believe that happiness in the job and growth are important for both client and candidate. On this basis we position ourselves as a strategic partner. 

Strategic partner

Diversity is in our DNA. This applies not only to the workplace, but also to our office staff. Thus our own team embodies cooperation with different nationalities. In this way we are able to effectively represent both the client and the candidate and communication is optimised. We are a strategic partner for flexible working in the market segments: technology, food, administration, production and logistics. By bundling our strengths, we have created a large European network. In this way we can optimally serve your organisation and discuss what your wishes are.

Our approach

Upforce values the satisfaction of both customers and employees. We assign a contact person to relieve your organisation of all the hassle of finding the perfect fit for your vacancy. We think it is important to discuss your wishes and expectations together. Because we do this personally, we get to know your organisation and its needs. In addition, we can meet future colleagues of the candidate, in order to get a better picture of the type of person who fits your company. We also think it is important to look at the possibilities for the growth and happiness of the candidate him- or herself. Based on this information, our recruiters look for a candidate who best fits the sketched in profile. We aim to ensure that this is the right match for both you and the candidate.

Striving for growth for our customers

Growth in strength and volume with a flexible shell (optimising deployment) 

Grow in flexibility by offering suitable solutions for you as a customer

Grow in flexibility by offering suitable solutions for you as a customer


When, for example, one of the employees comes from abroad to work for your company, we are there for them to take care of travel to the Netherlands, the accommodation and travel from the place of residence to your company. During the time that the foreign national is employed by you, Upforce acts as the personal point of contact for him/her. In this way we can relieve you as a customer and we also provide a pleasant and friendly atmosphere for the employee.

If your employee originally comes from abroad and he/she is now living in the Netherlands, we don’t need to organise accommodation or transport. We will of course always remain the point of contact for him/her to deal with any questions or issues. 

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Sourcing countries

European network of Upforce

From our office in Opole (Poland), we have a large network reach within Europe. Because we work with several agents spread across Europe, we can switch quickly between agents on behalf of our partners. Our recruiters continuously recruit, select and offer new temporary workers, from both the Netherlands and abroad. In this way we ensure that we can provide you with the best possible service as a partner.

Certified employment agency

Because we at Upforce want to offer our customers and employees the highest quality of service, we have a number of certifications such as; ABU, NEN and SNF.


The abbreviation ABU stands for: Netherlands General Association of Temporary Employment Agencies. With this certification we show that Upforce complies with the correct application of the collective labour agreement for temporary workers. You can think of safety in the workplace, rules of conduct, terms of employment and payment of social premiums.


With the NEN 4400-1 certificate, risks of additional assessments and fines from the Tax and Customs Administration, the Labour Inspectorate and other government agencies are limited. It is examined whether it is legally permitted for foreign employees to work in the Netherlands. They also focus on the correct payment of taxes and social security contributions.


The abbreviation SNF stands for: Foundation for Standardisation Flexible Living. With this certificate we can demonstrate that we provide homes that are safe and hygienic, and also meet all basic amenities.

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