About Upforce

Everyone has noticed that things are tight on the labour market. We at Upforce are there to bring your organisation together with suitable potential job candidates.

What is Upforce?

We are an organisation with over 20 years of experience in the temporary employment sector, operating a large European network with the deployment of both national and international temporary workers. Because we understand the importance of a good match between employer and employee, we specialise in bringing together temporary workers and clients in the market segments technology, food, administration, production and logistics.

Our vision

Growth, involvement and personality are of paramount importance at Upforce. Our vision: it is important that temporary workers are given the opportunity to grow to become the best version of themselves.

Not only is this a great opportunity for the individual employees themselves, but the organisation grows along with its employees.

Personal and homely atmosphere

In addition to mediating between company and candidate, we believe it is important to create a personal and homely atmosphere. For example, at our office in Venlo we have created a nice reception area – or rather: lounge – for temporary workers who come to the Netherlands from abroad to work for us. We organise transport and housing for our international workforce, while maintaining close contact. In this way we ensure they do not feel left alone, because for them this is of course a foreign country. We want them to feel welcome and at home here. 

Do the temporary workers originally come from abroad but are already living in the Netherlands? In this case, no accommodation and/or transport is required, but we are of course always ready to act as a middleman and clear up any questions or problems.

This is how Upforce serves as the point of contact for all our jib candidates!

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